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BETBA Tuesday Triples League

Every Tuesday evening from May to August, Kings Park field three teams to play against other local clubs.


Each team consists of two rinks of triples. The fixtures for this season can be found below... 


Date Home Team Away Team
02/05/2023 Boscombe Bandits Kings Park Hurricanes
09/05/2023 Kings Park Hurricanes Knyveton
16/05/2023 Argyll Buzzards Kings Park Hurricanes
23/05/2023 Kings Park Hurricanes Bournemouth Gales
30/05/2023 Knyveton T Kings Park Hurricanes
06/06/2023 Moordown BC Kings Park Hurricanes
13/06/2023 Kings Park Hurricanes Knyveton A
20/06/2023 Kings Park Hurricanes Boscombe Bandits
27/06/2023 Knyveton Kings Park Hurricanes
04/07/2023 Kings Park Hurricanes Argyll Buzzards
11/07/2023 Bournemouth Gales Kings Park Hurricanes
18/07/2023 Kings Park Hurricanes Knyveton T
25/07/2023 Kings Park Hurricanes Moordown BC
08/08/2023 Knyveton A

Kings Park Hurricanes



Date Home Team Away Team
02/05/2023 Richmond Park Rovers Kings Park Lancasters
09/05/2023 Kings Park Lancasters Electric Eels
16/05/2023 Bournemouth Tornados Kings Park Lancasters
23/05/2023 Moordown Panthers Kings Park Lancasters
30/05/2023 Kings Park Lancasters Argyll Eagles
06/06/2023 Boscombe Rogues Kings Park Lancasters
13/06/2023 Kings Park Lancasters Southbourne Tower
20/06/2023 Kings Park Lancasters Richmond Park Rovers
27/06/2023 Electric Eels Kings Park Lancasters
04/07/2023 Kings Park Lancasters Bournemouth Tornados
11/07/2023 Kings Park Lancasters Moordown Panthers
18/07/2023 Argyll Eagles Kings Park Lancasters
25/07/2023 Kings Park Lancasters Boscombe Rogues
08/08/2023 Southbourne Tower Kings Park Lancasters


Date Home Team Away Team
02/05/2023 Kings Park Vulcans Bournemouth Typhoons
09/05/2023 Pelhams Pumas Kings Park Vulcans
23/05/2023 Kings Park Vulcans Ferndown 2
30/05/2023 Branksome Park Nomads Kings Park Vulcans
06/06/2023 Kings Park Vulcans Pelhams Puffin
13/06/2023 Electric Live Wires Kings Park Vulcans
20/06/2023 Bournemouth Typhoons Kings Park Vulcans
27/06/2023 Kings Park Vulcans Pelhams Pumas
11/07/2023 Ferndown 2 Kings Park Vulcans
18/07/2023 Kings Park Vulcans Branksome Park Nomads
25/07/2023 Pelhams Puffin Kings Park Vulcans
08/08/2023 Kings Park Vulcans Electric Live Wires

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